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Aftercare Instructions


1-2 hours for cling wrap

Around 3 days for second skin

*Second skin is waterproof, so leave it on when showering. The tattoo may appear smudged/blurry under the second skin, this is normal.


Gently wash the area with neutral soap and water.

Keep cleaning the area and applying the recommended aftercare cream at least twice a day until healed (up to 14 days.)

WHAT TO AVOID for 15 days

Soaking your tattoo in water (bath/swimming).

Excessive sunlight/sunbathing.

Applying fake tan on the tattoo area.

Scratch or pick at scabs/flaked skin that may occur during healing.

Shoes or clothing that may rub against the tattoo.

*Once healed wear sunscreen on your tattoo


We want to thank you for coming and celebrating this milestone with us.

Feel free to reach by email, Instagram or phone if you have any questions about the healing process or anything else.


If you have 1 minute, here is a link for a Google review. A review helps heaps.

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