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Meet Shinn: The Maestro of Realism Tattoos

Updated: Jul 6

At Joya Tattoo Studio, we're beyond excited to introduce you to Shinn, our extraordinary realism tattoo artist. Originally from Korea, Shinn’s journey from art teacher to tattoo artist infuses each design with a unique and masterful touch that stands out in the industry.

An artistic full-sleeve tattoo on the arm, featuring a blend of mythological and celestial elements. The design includes a knight on a horse, various symbolic figures, and intricate line work, demonstrating exceptional skill and creativity

A Journey from Canvas to Skin

Before making his mark in the tattoo world, Shinn was an art teacher, sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for art with his students. He taught a range of classes, from basic drawing to Renaissance oil painting, which has deeply influenced his tattoo artistry. This rich background is vividly reflected in his tattoo work, where his deep understanding of composition, shading, and detail truly sets him apart. Shinn’s tattoos are not just ink on skin—they're living, breathing works of art that resonate with life.

Exceeding Expectations with Every Tattoo

Shinn's mission is simple yet profound: to bring your vision to life and surpass your expectations. Whether you arrive with a detailed idea or seek a spark of inspiration, Shinn’s got you covered. His expertise spans a variety of subjects, ensuring that each tattoo is as unique as you are. Some of the stunning projects Shinn can master for you include:

  • A Realistic Pet Portrait: have you ever thought about immortalising your furry friend with a lifelike tattoo that captures their spirit and personality? Shinn can do it.

  • Human Portraits: whether it’s a loved one or a famous icon, Shinn’s portraits are so detailed they almost seem to breathe.

  • Majestic Dragons: imagine a dragon so real it looks like it could fly off your arm. Shinn’s intricate dragon tattoos are both powerful and awe-inspiring.

The Art of Realism Tattoos

Realism tattoos are a celebration of life’s intricate details. This style focuses on creating images that are true to life, with meticulous attention to shading, line work, and colour gradients. Shinn’s expertise in this style ensures that every piece is not only beautiful but also incredibly lifelike. His background in teaching a wide array of art classes, from basic drawing to Renaissance oil painting, has equipped him with the skills to make each tattoo a masterpiece.

Book Your Session with Shinn

Ready to turn your tattoo dreams into reality? Book a session with Shinn and experience firsthand the magic of realism tattoo art. Whether it’s your first tattoo or a new addition to your collection, Shinn will craft a masterpiece you’ll wear with pride.

Click here to see more of his work

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